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How UAE life could be making your hair loss worse – and how to fix it

We talk to founder of hair loss treatment company Harklinikken about why your postpartum hair loss might be worse in the UAE and what you can do about it.

While we might all dream of a head full of luscious, Rapunzel-style locks, it’s often quite a different story when you have to carry a baby for nine months, endure the stress of labour or spend countless sleepless nights caring for your little one.

Harklinikken is a Scandinavian brand specialising in a scientific approach to treating hair loss with clinics in Denmark, Germany, the United States and Dubai. Founder and CEO Lars Skjoth explains that postpartum hair loss is a natural occurrence caused by a drop in oestrogen post-baby. ‘Your body goes through some amazing changes before and after pregnancy. One of the best parts of pregnancy is the full, shiny hair. During pregnancy, your typical hair shedding cycle is postponed and the quality can change or improve as well. In the months after childbirth, though, most women begin to shed hair. It can feel sudden and startling, but in most cases, it’s perfectly natural. Around 12 to 16 weeks after pregnancy, your hair goes into a “resting phase”, and begins to shed. This is typically just part of the body returning to normal.’

Tackling postpartum hair loss

However, for some women postpartum hair loss can be more troubling. ‘Sometimes the hair loss continues, or you find that your hair is thinner than before the pregnancy. Texture and quality changes are also not uncommon. Hair loss issues in connection with childbirth can be worsened by a stressful pregnancy, a difficult delivery, or by adjusting to the huge changes that come with a new baby. Nutrient deficiencies, lack of sleep, and stress are normal experiences for new mothers, but for some it increases the possibility of hair loss.’

Nevertheless Lars explains that there are still things you can do during and after pregnancy to meet these problems head-on and reduce the amount of hair fall if you’re worried about it:

‘If a new mother is healthy and maintaining a good diet, the hair cycle and quality is more likely to return to normal. A healthy diet should focus on non-processed foods, ensuring that you combat any nutrient deficiencies and restore balance to the body’s functions. There are certain foods that have more positive impacts on the body than others. If you are struggling with post-pregnancy hair loss, try adding more of these foods into your daily diet:
•Crunchy green vegetables
•Sweet potato
•Chicken, beef, or fish

‘Besides a healthy and balanced diet, reducing harmful styling habits can be helpful for hair loss as well. Straighteners and curling irons can add stress by drying and pulling the hair. Skipping these will save you much-needed time, as well as improve your hair.’


Hair loss in the UAE

Even with all this in mind, new mums in the UAE are up against a number of additional obstacles when trying to prevent hair loss.

In a study conducted in 2015 on a sample of 1,136 individuals in the UAE, 67% of the respondents claimed to be affected by hair loss*. And while pattern (hereditary) hair loss is quite prominent in the country Lars agrees that the living conditions in the UAE can further exacerbate other existing hair loss problems.

‘Certain conditions may aggravate it, such as the fact that a large percentage of women cover their hair in the UAE. On top of this desalinated drinking water, tap water used for showering with a high chlorine content, severe heat, severe humidity and constant exposure to air-conditioning are just some of the factors that may also contribute to hair loss in the region.’

If you’re suffering from more intense hair loss and you feel the conditions in the UAE may be to blame, Harlinikken’s hair loss treatment is an all-natural customised solution: “Most of the products currently on the market are made to cater to the masses. Many people experiencing hair thinning are desperate to find anything that promises to improve their situation, especially if it seems like a ‘quick-fix’ with minimal effort. The problem is that each individual’s hair loss story is unique, a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach is much less effective.’ Lars explains that Harklinikken takes a completely bespoke approach to each individual’s situation, ‘in this way we are able to deliver unparalleled results to qualified candidates.’

And when it comes to regular postpartum hair loss ‘Harklinikken treatment will not interfere with these hormonal changes, but what the customized treatment does is to help with new hair re-growth, so the hair “restoration” process is greatly sped up’.


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*Source: Gulf News


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